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Alabama Anime Fans

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Hello Alabama Anime Fans! Maybe we can get together and start our own anime convention in our home state. In the meantime, lets talk about cosplay, manga, jrock, and all things anime related. ^_^

Feel free to break the ice by posting our member intro form.

Name: (Name or nickname)
Martial Status: (Ya never know)
Home Page URL: (As in your web profile, blog, home page,etc)
Favorite Anime:
Favorite Manga:
Favorite Anime Magazine(s):
Favorite Cosplay: (As in 'I like cosplay form the random_anime_title series')
Recent Purchases: (I just got the random_anime boxset and the wall scroll)
Favorite Soundtracks/Bands: (I like music from random_anime and I love the random_anime jrock band)
Cons Attended:
Favorite Anime Link: (Only one please)
Other: (Favorite villans, Favorite Food, or anything you want can go here.)
Favorite Live Action/Asian Cinema: